Free Printable: Weekly To Do Planner Insert

Hi Guys! Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season. This week has been an amazing week for our little blog. We have seen more traffic this week than we have ever seen in a very long time. I've noticed my target audience has shifted a bit so bare with me as I adjust my content. I can tell you guys love planner frebbies, so that's what I will dedicated myself to. If you have any request don't be shy and post in the comments below or just send me a direct message on my social media. 

I've been hard at work creating these planner inserts for you so keep looking back at the blog because I have a many more planner freebies to come. Today I want to share another Weekly Overview/To-do insert. I'd love to know what you guys love best with these inserts, black and white or color? I generally love color but as of lately I've been really attracted to a black and white planner insert; I may share my planning process in the future, let me know if that's something you would like to see. Now without further ado here is today freebie! 

Click the links below to download 

Happy Planning!





  1. Your layouts are amazing and I feel npbad I don't see more posts here. Truly, for the work you've done and the kindness to share ... I have to say I so very much appreciate it!! I love having the option of either color or black and white. You mentioned on another blog post that you might share how you plan ... that would be great! Thank you! 😊 - Martha

    1. Thank you so much! I just started my blog "officially" mid-December so it's still pretty brand new and I'm still getting the hang of things. I'm really happy you love what I've posted so far, it's a lot of work and it makes it totally worth it! I may have a blog post coming in February on how I plan, I'm still brainstorming how to write this blog post but it will come :) Thank you Martha!

  2. Hi is there a way to make your printables fit into a 9x7 sized planner? I love your designs and need to add one month to my planner.



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