How I Save Money on Printing

Hi Guys!

I know I share a lot of printables and this means a lot of printing for many of you including myself. Today I want to share how I print as much as I want with no worry in the world and on a budget.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. These are my honest opinions from my experience of using hp instant ink for myself and my business.

We all know how expensive printer ink can be especially if you're a DIYer like myself. I like making my own planner, planner inserts, bookmarks, planner dividers, stickers and so on. I could go thru pages of ink within a week.  I personally love HP Printers but each XL Cartridge can run me anywhere from $33 - $50 depending on where you buy.

So I was desperate and in my desperation I found a cost-effective way to print b&w and color from home. My solution is called HP Instant Ink!

How does HP Instant Ink Work?

Choose an Eligible Printer

First thing you need is an eligible printer. You can click here to find the list. You must have an eligible for your printer to communicate with HP and inform them #1 when to send you more ink #2 track the amount of pages you have printed.

As of January 2017; click image for source 

If your printer is not on the list, I would say it's absolutely worth purchasing one on the list. The money you will save in the long run will more than makeup for it. I have 3 printers that I use on a daily and love.

If you are looking for something more simple. I recommend HP Envy 5530. This little printer is perfect if you don't plan to print as often, works great for photo printing and glossy paper as well as matte paper. 
If you are looking for something in the middle, I recommend HP Envy 7640
For a printer that can handle more printing, I use and recommend HP Officejet Pro 8610. This printer works especially great with matte sticker paper. The color payoff is amazing! 
Once you have chosen your printer or two or three (like me). You have to choose your plan

Choose Your Plan

Choose a plan based on how much you think you'll print at home. Plans are month-to-month without any annual fees and you can always change your plan if you need to. Below is a screenshot from their website. 

Another amazing feature is the rollover. I don't always use all 300 pages on each printer. so when I don't use them, HP rolls over a max of 100 pages. I've been busy so below you notice I only have 10 pages of roll over. 

Let's Do the Math 

Now, I'm not a math expert but I can do a little math. I use my printers for my business so I use to buy new ink every month or so. I spent around $600 a year just on ink. With HP Instant ink I pay just $9.99 a month, that comes out to $120 a year. That's a savings of $480! 

With this plan the ink just comes to you, they don't charge you per ink cartridge they ship to you. They give you a healthy amount of pages you can print per plan, I hardly ever go over and even if you go over they've got you covered. You can continue printing with sets of 20 for just $1 extra per set. 

So what do you guys think? If you are ready to print without the worry of running out of ink, you can use my referral link and get 1 month off. 

Happy Printing!



  1. Can the 8610 print tabloid size (11x17). Office Depot lists 13x18 in media size, but 8.5x14 as maximum paper size.

    1. No, the 8610 cannot print tabloid size. It can print up to legal size paper (8.5x14).

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